Corporate Law

Created under state law, a corporation, limited liability company, joint venture, or commercial entity must remain compliant with a multitude of rules and regulations. In an ever-changing commercial market place, these policies can be difficult to navigate. Legal counsel is often needed to assist a business organization with the many complex issues that can arise. These unique corporate law issues call for a firm with a history of successful litigation pertaining to business operations.

Since 2010, senior partner Mike Conner has effectively represented Fortune 500 corporations, small businesses, and individuals across a variety of platforms. With a background in accounting, Mr. Conner is extremely well versed in all the demands and challenges that come with taxation, corporate structure and staying current in a global market. The Conner Law Group provides an experienced perspective for small and medium sized businesses seeking advice or needing litigation with any of the multifaceted challenges that may arise. Whether it be issues with contract disputes, liabilities, management, or intellectual property, The Conner Law Group is here to help you maintain regulatory and corporate law compliance. We are here to share our years of experience counseling a wide range of clientele with you.